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Promote all your websites at once with URLwheel.com's URL Rotator!

With URLwheel.com's URL Rotator you can promote all your websites and referral URLs from one simple URL. Its simple, every time someone visits your URLwheel.com URL Rotator they will be re-directed to one of your Web Sites. When they come back they will be re-directed, and see a totally different Web Site! And unlike other rotators, we do not limit the number of URLs that you can rotate.

To view a sample rotated URL, follow this link:


To simulate the URL rotation, simply refresh your browser window, and a new Website will be displayed.

You can have an UNLIMITED amount of URLs!
And, the best part is that it's FREE!

PRO Account and no Advertising!

We also offer a PRO Account. For just $1.99 a month, you can get the advertisement removed from your rotator. You will still have all the features of the Free version but you will not have the small advertisement above your Web Site when the rotator page loads. In fact, the visitor will simply be redirected to a randomly selected URL from your list.

To view a sample rotated PRO URL, follow these links:



To simulate the URL rotation, you will need to come back and click the link again, or simply copy the URL and paste it into a new tab or window.

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